Big Ears Festival 2019
Wadada Leo Smith and New Dalta Ahkri
Wadada Leo Smith, Dwight Andrews, Bobby Naughton
Photographer: Nathan Zucker
Original Artwork
Recording session with Robert Dick
"Naughton has an uncanny ability to listen to and play off and with his sidemen."
Fernando Gonzalez, The Boston Globe
"....a consumate group player."
Coda Magazine 
"Naughton's something else."
Nat Hentoff, The New York Times. 
"....sort of a new wave Red Norvo."
Fred Bouchard, Jazz Times
"A startling vibraphonist."
Coda Magazine 

Welcome to Bobby

In 1969 vibraphonist Bobby Naughton started OTIC Records as a vehicle for the dissemination of his music. Since then it’s no secret that the record/CD business has gone through some dramatic and profound changes. Brick and mortar record stores have vanished; distributors are inundated with CDs but have fewer retail outlets available to market them. Today the listener has to venture into uncharted territory to even locate recorded music, regardless of the style or popularity. As a result many musicians have necessarily become the creators, caretakers and distributors of their recorded output. And the internet is a fundamental tool to facilitate this process. This website is an effort to make the music of Bobby Naughton easily available to the potential listener. Visitors are offered LPs, CDs, and MP3 downloads of older releases, unreleased materials, new works, scores and even ringtones. Welcome to the website.


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A selection of tracks from Bobby Naughton and Otic Records.




Bobby Naughton, vibraphone, Wadada Leo Smith, trumpet



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Wadada Leo Smith & New Dalta Ahkri.
Florence, July 4, 1979

Controlled Stop


Bobby Naughton: electronics, Joe Fonda: bass

‘Bout Time


Bobby Naughton, vibraphone, Jerome Harris, bass, Cleve Pozar, percussion

Go Where?


Bobby Naughton, electronics, Joe Fonda, bass



Bobby Naughton: vibraphone, Joe Fonda: bass, Randy Kaye: percussion
OTIC 2002 (1983)

Pomperaug Diversions


Bobby Naughton: vibraphone, Joe Fonda: bass, Randy Kaye: percussion
OTIC 2002 (1983)

Shepaug Strut


Bobby Naughton: vibraphone, Joe Fonda: bass, Randy Kaye: percussion
OTIC 2002 (1983)



Bobby Naughton: vibraphone, Joe Fonda: bass, Laurence Cook: drums
(recorded 2008)

Fancy Free


Bobby Naughton: vibraphone, Mario Pavone: bass, Laurence Cook: drums
(recorded 1974)

CD's and LP's

Zoar (CD)


Bobby Naughton: vibraphone
Joe Fonda: bass
Randy Kaye: percussion

OTIC 2002 (1983)




Bobby Naughton: piano, vibraphone
Mark Whitecage: bassett horn
Perry Robinson: clarinet
Richard Youngstein or
Mario Pavone, bass
Randy Kaye or
Laurence Cook, drums

Bobby Naughton Solo Vibraphone (Factory sealed LP)


Bobby Naughton: vibraphone
Recorded live at the 4th Rassegna Internazionale Jazz Festival Pisa-Firenze in Firenze, Italy July 3, 1979
OTIC 1011 (1979)

Nauxtagram (Factory sealed LP)


Bobby Naughton: vibraphone
James Emery: acoustic and electric guitars
Cleve Pozar: percussion and marimba
Wes Brown: bass

OTIC 1009 (1979)

The Haunt (Factory sealed LP)


Bobby Naughton: vibraphone
Wadada Leo Smith: trumpet
Perry Robinson: clarinet

OTIC 1005 (1976)



Creative Musicians Improvisors Forum
The Sky Cries the Blues
Compositions by: Wadada Leo Smith, Gerry Hemingway, Bobby Naughton
Sealed copy (one available)

The Little People (LP, 1979)


Dwight Andrews, reeds
Nat Adderly Jr., piano
Nana Vasconcelos, percussion